Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The huge river!

       It was a roasting day, I was fishing with my Dad. I cast my line and a fish grabbed it. This made a battle between me and the fish but the fish made me fall. CRASH!!!  I fell into the humungous river. The currents were
  strong,and there in front of me was a big waterfall. There were lots of logs charging down the river all around me and falling off the edge of the waterfall. I was being pulled closer and closer toward it and I could hear my Dad screaming “Look up, look up! Reach for the branch“. Just in front of me was a tree hanging into the water I grabbed onto it and started to climb. But my wet clothes were so heavy I fell back into the water. So I tried again and pulled myself onto it and there was my dad who helped me out. He gave me a huge cuddle and said he was sorry that he wasn’t looking after me properly. It was 7 o’clock and I was feeling as cold as an ice block.
So dad and I went back to the car and I got changed into the clothes that I had brought along with me. When I’d got changed I really wanted to go home because I was shivering and starving. Dad and I packed up the fishing gear and we set off home.

The end!!!

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  1. That story was amazing that does not happen each day.

    Jacob and Eli Room 11