Monday, 3 June 2013

Smell of Chlorine.

I was at the pool and I had entered the freestyle and backstroke races. Mr Black lined us up. “Can
you get into position please!” he barked. Mrs Badger told us which platform we had to get on to. I was lane number 3. The concrete was wet and slippery as I climbed onto the diving board ready to jump, but it was too high and I had to ask the instructor if I could get down on to the edge of the pool.

The race started, I was doing freestyle and the water was freezing as it rushed up my nose. At the end of my race I did not want to open eyes because I thought I was going to come last but I came 3rd, my time was 13 seconds and 30 milli seconds. I could taste the chlorine in my mouth.

I was excited and nervous all at the same time as I waited for my next race. It was backstroke, my favourite and I started in the water. I could see the water rushing over my goggles like the waves at the sea. I felt the water brushing through my hair as my arms were turning like a fan on speed three. Screaming was coming from the crowd and it reached my ears underwater. The smell of chlorine was acrid in my nose and once the race was over I began to sneeze. Touching the soaking wet wall at the end of the pool, I had won! Hooray!  

Swimming prelims is the best day of my live! I can not wait to the next one.

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  1. Lucca I like your Starting Called Smelling Chlorine

    I had once smelled a Chlorine before in swimming pool.

    Good Five Senses