Monday, 3 June 2013

Bottle the Blue Boat.

On a stately blue boat inside a bottle

a black flag flies angrily with a skull and crossbones.
I stand like a soldier
tired and cold up in the crow’s nest.
Looking, scanning, gazing out through the clear glass.
Rocking, shaking from side to side by a huge hand.
Placed carefully on the window sill.
All is still and silent.
On a stately blue boat inside a bottle.

Success Criteria
  • To write in a poetry style that has been given.
  • To treat each word as important, constantly improve words and cut superfluous words. 
  • Use high level word vocabulary that comes from our chosen topic.
  • To proofread to a higher level on our Proofreading rubric.
  • To design a montage to match your poem using layering, masking and alpha tools.
  • To present within your blog.

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