Sunday, 24 March 2013

Camp Diamante

Success Criteria:
  • Re-tell a camp experience in a diamante form.
  • We used an online site to help follow the form of a diamante poem.
  • Use the senses. 
  • Improve words with a thesaurus so we have no repeated words.
  • Understand that every word you use is precious so cut small words that do not help the poem.


  1. That was a good story Lucca maybe you could make them bigger

  2. We would both like to go on the balancing bike because you can go really fast as your poem tells us.
    Charlie and William MSJPS

  3. Locca I like yours a lot . But can you make the letters a bit bigger because I cannot read them on my screen.

  4. King Remy you spelt my name incorrectly, my name is Lucca not Locca.