Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Surf!!!

Falling off. Credit: Wikipedia.

Slowly, I put the wetsuit on but it was hard,  as at first my foot wouldn’t go in. I had finished the practice session on the grass, up top. I was ready to rock and roll. The roasting sand meant I had to run as fast as I could to the water with the surfboard balanced on my head as steady as a rock. I walked into the salty shallow sea with my surfboard trialling behind me, and began to paddle through the waves. The instructors were telling me to do stuff, ”Lucca lie down first, then twist your right foot and hop up but don’t jump. Don’t hurry!” I listened very well and stood up.

I looked at the sun shining up above me and it shone so brightly in my eyes that I couldn’t see where I was going. Then I fell off my surfboard like a slippery fish. I was frightened when I hit the water. Salt water stung my eyes. But I started kicking and after a few seconds I reached the surface.

Later on, I felt brave and went surfing on the humongous waves. I waited for a green faced wave to come, wave after wave I rode. I saw the wind make a sand storm and the sunbathers were running for cover. Then,  finally the perfect wave came, I had to do to three more paddles to join the wave. I got on to the wave and I rode towards the beach but suddenly I fell off again and this time I thought my lungs would explode. Once again, I kicked back to the surface. Then I heard the whistle blow.

They told us how good we were and we came in. I loved how far I was able to go out to sea.                  

[Success Criteria: In this recount writing we tried to use the five senses and some similes. We focused on telling a story, and slowing down the action. Some of us tried to use good sound words also.]


  1. Some great descriptions, and good use of similes. I would have like you to have included what you could hear, different sounds like the waves, people calling out etc. You could have included sound words like 'splash', 'crash' or 'wipeout' to enhance your storytelling even more.

    Well done Lucca, you are indeed a fearless surfer.

  2. I like the slippery fish simile because it fits so well with being in the water. I have never tried surfing and your story makes me want to give it a go.

  3. Lucca that is a good surfing story and great [Success Criteria and five senses cool picture

  4. Nice story lucca.I like how you said that you were ready to rock and roll because you had finished the practice session on the grass

  5. I loved reading about all of the action in your story. You should feel brave!

  6. That sounds really scary. Isn't there sharks in the ocean? I would be very scared. Who did you do this with?
    -Bree, CO

  7. Mr. DiFiore CO,

    About the sharks we were at the shallow part of the sea and the sharks could not get to as.